Mon. May 20th, 2024

Are you looking for a way to support local farmers and reduce food waste at the same time? Look no further than Ten Servings Co. This innovative company donates ten servings of ugly vegetables to food banks with each purchase, helping to curb farm food waste and provide nutritious food to those in need.

The Mission of Ten Servings Co.

Ten Servings Co. is on a mission to make a positive impact on our food system by addressing the issue of food waste. Ugly vegetables are often discarded by farmers simply because they do not meet the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores. By purchasing these imperfect produce items and donating them to food banks, Ten Servings Co. is able to support local farmers while also helping to feed those who are food insecure.

How It Works

When you make a purchase from Ten Servings Co., not only are you receiving high-quality, nutritious produce, but you are also helping to reduce Food Waste and support your local community. The ugly vegetables that would have otherwise been thrown away are now being put to good use, providing much-needed nourishment to individuals and families who may not have access to fresh produce.

Making a Difference

By choosing to support Ten Servings Co., you are making a tangible difference in the fight against food waste. Every ten servings of ugly vegetables that are donated to food banks have a real impact on the lives of those who receive them. Additionally, by supporting local farmers, you are helping to ensure the sustainability of our food system for future generations.

Join the Movement

If you are a gardener or someone who enjoys growing their own food, you can play a part in reducing food waste by supporting Ten Servings Co. Not only will you be able to enjoy delicious, locally sourced produce, but you will also be contributing to a more sustainable food system for all.


Supporting local farmers and donating to food banks with Ten Servings Co. is a simple yet impactful way to reduce food waste and make a positive difference in your community. By choosing to purchase from Ten Servings Co., you are not only supporting a worthy cause but also receiving high-quality produce that is good for you and good for the planet. Join the movement today and help create a more sustainable future for all.

By Wade

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